Discover the Paris of the ‘Roaring Twenties’ - a Bohemian hub for artists from across Europe, many of whom left their home countries in search of a place where they could truly express themselves. Inspired by the uniquely liberal political and cultural climate in the city, this group of artists came together at a moment of extraordinary creativity to produce some of the most innovative art of the 20th century.

For the first time in the Middle East, the exhibition presents more than 80 works including paintings, sculptures and photographs from 40 of the most significant artists of this period referred to as the ‘School of Paris’, including Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Amedeo Modigliani, Sonia Delaunay, Giorgio De Chirico, Juan Gris, Constantin Brancusi, Tamara de Lempicka, Brassaï and others.

The exhibition is organised by Louvre Abu Dhabi, Centre Pompidou, Paris, Agence France-Muséums Curated by Christian Briend, Head Curator, Modern Art Collection, Centre Pompidou. Assisted by Anna Hiddleston, Assistant Curator, Modern Art, Centre Pompidou.

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Cultural programme

The season’s first programme takes its inspiration from the cubist art works in the exhibition and from the inspiration of Pablo Picasso. Picasso exemplified a characteristic of the artists during this period - he worked with artists in all performing art forms and he also experimented in the performing arts, notably with the Ballet Russes. One of his pieces with the Ballet Russes, Parade, provides a starting point of inspiration with large scale living machines to evoke the spirits of Picasso and his collaborators Jean Cocteau and Erik Satie, who together with the great artist Elizabeth Streb from New York and her STREB Extreme Action Troupe and their machines, will try to create a fusion between tangible and intangible aspects of cubism.

Streb will present two performances – Revolution and Rock. Revolution is a moving sculpture of brushed steel powered by 8 performers who walk, run, balance, spin, fly and explode the giant wheel to life. Propelled by sheer human power, the interaction between performers and machine become so rapid that its impossible to predict what might happen next. The power the wheel manifests from the brave moves of the performers creates actions whose innate powers are felt by all who watch them.

Rock is a classic machine that exists as a half circle with its rounded bottom on the ground. 8 performers arrest and propel this structure to sometimes situate its top, the flat diameter of the thing, to a point almost vertical. The dancers’ “ground” is this surface.; it does not change structurally but its situation in space dramatically does. This plane is altered in space by the soloist inside the half wheel who charges back and forth with rigged determination, forcing the dancers above to attempt to constantly “grab” their ground in more and more perilous ways. A “teeter tauter” gone mad that plays with visual perception and angles of viewing.

Other highlights include a series of film screenings curated by Emirati artist Hind Mezaina, a talk by the exhibition curator, Christian Briend and our September ‘Family Weekend’ (27, 28 September) with workshops inspired by Picasso and Cocteau.

The cultural programme will conclude with an electro-night from legendary international and UAE-based DJ’s, hosted with Abu Dhabi label Boogie Box on 21 November. Including an Amon Tobin Two Fingers DJ Set, Molecule Live and Boogie Box DJs, Hassan Alwan and Tristan Girault playing over cubism-inspired visuals lighting the facades and the iconic dome of the museum.

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