A surprise at every turn
Have an unforgettable encounter with artists, singers and dancers from across the globe, as they perform against the backdrop of stunning masterpieces.
Take an unexpected and memorable journey through the museum, the crossroads of civilisations, and discover intimate performances that promise to awaken your senses. Experience the beauty of the art on display and get closer to the artists performing, just for you.

Admission is included with your museum general admission ticket.
Louvre Abu Dhabi Art Club Members visit for free.

Benjamin Millepied - L.A Dance Project
6 – 7 Nov 

L.A. Dance Project is a company of 12 dancers based in Los Angeles and directed by Benjamin Millepied and Sébastien Marcovici. The company's creations combine music, design, cinema and visual art.

With 5 Live Calibrations, choreographed by Madeline Hollander, no two shows are alike. Set under the immense dome, the stunning architecture of the Louvre Abu Dhabi enhances the experience.

Madeline Hollander (choreography)
Celia Hollander (music)
François-Pierre Couture (lighting design)
Anna-Sophie Berger, with production by Jessica Owen (costumes)

Split Step, by visual artist Emily Mast & director and choreographer, Zach Winokur, and eight company dancers reveals the paradox of humanity. Expressing the human condition using repetitive and consistent movements, they expose the relationship between community and solitude.

Zach Winokur & Emily Mast (choreography)

Tino Sehgal’s new piece (No title 2018/ 2019) merges elements of dances from various cultural traditions into a continuous, ongoing form. Sehgal’s work challenges the traditional relationship between art and audience. Renowned for his “constructed situations”, players interact with each other, or with audience members, in meticulously orchestrated scenarios that focus on creating moments and memories during fleeting encounters, rather than material objects. A co-production with LADP and LUMA, Arles.

Tino Sehgal (choreography)

L.A. Dance Project
Rachelle Ann Rafailedes, Janie Claire Taylor, Daisy Kate Jacobson, Gianna Lea Reisen, Nayomi Van Brunt, David Adrian Freeland Jr, Anthony Bryant, Douglas Scott Baum, Mario
Gonzalez and Vinicius Silva (dancers)
Sébastien Marcovici (associate artistic director)
Madeline Hollander (choreographer)
Le Besque Didier (agent)
Nathan Shreeve (technical director)

Quatuor Diotima
8 – 9 Nov

One of the most in-demand chamber music ensembles, Quatuor Diotima is the perfect embodiment of the mix of cultures and references found in classical music. Classical repertoire masters such as Bach, Beethoven, Debussy, Ravel and Schubert benefit from the wonderful acoustics of the museum, in conversation with the artworks that almost seem to come to life.
Thanks to collaborations with the greatest composers of the twentieth century, including Pierre Boulez, the Quatuor's music, performed at the heart of the museum, is the expression of humanist testimony and the hope of eternity.

Yun-Peng Zhao and Léo Marillier (violin)
Franck Chevalier (viola)
Pierre Morlet (cello)

Hindi Zahra
8 – 9 Nov

Closely combining music and spirituality, from Morocco to France, Hindi Zahra is one of the most interesting multicultural artists of our time. The artist who previously captivated audience members at the Louvre Abu Dhabi in 2018 is continuing to forge close ties with the museum. Using the vibrations in her voice, she goes into a trance-like state and invites the audience to follow. The museum offers a magnificent backdrop to share this freedom and release with viewers, who will be dazzled by the fragile strength of her voice.

Hindi Zahra (vocals)
Jerôme Plasseraud (guitar)

Hamdan Al Abri
8 – 9 Nov

Skilfully and delicately combining pop, urban and Arab-Muslim influences, Hamdan Al Abri, a native of Dubai, is a singer, songwriter and performer. Performing at the heart of the museum, he offers a breath-taking and crystalline sound, creating a dialogue with the architecture and art on display, conveying joy and the heartfelt value of tolerance.

Hamdan Al Abri (vocals)
Peter Danial Antal and Cassiono Santos de Sa (Guitar)

Wang Li
8 – 9 Nov

Wang Li is a Chinese musician, now based in Paris. Jaw harp is a small musical instrument played with the mouth, creating specific vibrations, with a many nuances.
Combining his childhood memories with his imagination, he creates unique and universal sounds, which evokes introspection, nostalgia and joy.

Wang Li (jaw harp and calabash flute)

Ghewar Khan, Fiorze Khan and Khatu Sapera
8 – 9 Nov

The history and culture of Rajasthan are revealed through the music of brothers, Ghewar and Fiorze Khan, and their traditional instruments that blend with Khatu Sapera's Kalbeliya dance. This thousand-year-old, sensual Rajasthan dance is the very expression of a chivalrous and gestural culture, a source of inspiration and spirituality through the intense sounds that liberate the soul and blend with the museum's art.

Ghewar Khan and Fiorze Khan (Kamayacha and vocals)
Khatu Sapera (Kalbeliya dance)

Ramadan Hassan and Elhamy Migally
8 – 9 Nov

As a living testimony to musical art along the Nile, the renowned ensemble Musicians of the Nile, led by Ramadan Aly Hassan Youssef, takes the audience on a historical journey of the senses. This oral poem of unparalleled emotion, also known as the "Hilali epic", tells the story of the Bani Hilal Bedouin tribe and is the only one still to be performed in its full musical form.

Ramadan Aly Hassan Youssef and Elhamy Migally (vocals and music)

Khalifa Nasser
8 – 9 Nov

Experience the raw and powerful voice of Emirati singer Khalifa Nasser.
The self-taught artist has garnered a huge following after going viral on social media. He has shot to fame, singing live across the country - including performing at the Expo 2020 countdown event in Dubai.
The embodiment of East meets West, Khalifa performs pop, jazz and blues covers, advocating the diversity that the United Arab Emirates has come to represent.
Louvre Abu Dhabi’s iconic architecture provides the ideal setting to enjoy Nasser’s unique message and soulful melody and rhythm.

Khalifa Nasser (vocals and guitar)

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