Changes in ideas, shared rituals and cultural behaviour are the evidence of profound changes in society, as is the evolution of taste for specific forms of culture - art and food, clothing and music, leisure and games.

Louvre Abu Dhabi’s 2019/2020 exhibition season Changing Societies, will explore through four special exhibitions in collaboration with a number of French museums, the ways in which the arts have acted as a witness to social change throughout history.

A new interactive space in Louvre Abu Dhabi’s Children’s Museum titled A Costume Adventure will dive into the wardrobes of history to discover hidden secrets in the costumes of characters from the museum’s artworks.

Finally, an ambitious public programme including spectacular live performances, world-renowned installations, music, poetry and family events will accompany the season. Entitled Changing Societies: from Intangible Heritage to digital future, the public programme has been curated by the internationally respected artistic director Ruth Mackenzie, CBE.

With the pace of worldwide change in contemporary societies increasing ever faster, social scientists have turned even more to the study of past societies to help give us a context in which we can understand the world around us today. The new season’s cultural programme is inspired by this tracking of cultural change, from the progression and use of tangible objects and technology, to the intangible development of rituals, games, which easily morph into performance and art, changing definitions of culture as well as reflecting the changing society.

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