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Globes: visions of the world

How do we know the Earth is round? What is the shape of the Universe? A new exhibition brings together more than two millennia of globes, maps, art and scientific instruments in one epic journey of discovery.
For thousands of years, humans have created models and scientific instruments to understand and explore the world. For 11 weeks only, ‘Globes’ presents a wealth of these rare and beautiful objects on display in the region for the very first time.
Starting with the great minds of ancient Greece, the exhibition follows humanity’s never-ending quest for knowledge and adventure. Uncover the vital role played by the pioneering scientists of the Islamic world, and track the ancient science of astronomy as it passed through Muslim Spain in the 10th and the 11th centuries. See the earliest-known celestial globes from the Islamic world and one of the earliest known Arab astrolabe in the world.

Discover the impact explorers had on our understanding of our world; learn how the globe became an important symbol of knowledge and power; and finally, arrive at today’s cutting-edge transformations of the globe.

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