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Highlights of the Collection

Featuring a selection of 120 masterpieces, these highlights of the Louvre Abu Dhabi permanent collection will allow you to dive into thousands of years of human creativity across cultures and continents.

Bezique Game
Canister Tower
Children Wrestling
Ceremonial Armour
Ceremonial Vase
Composition with Blue Red Yellow and Black
Count Corfiz Anton Ulfeldt in an Ottoman Interior
Dancing Shiva
Diptych with Scenes from the Life of Christ
Dish Decorated with Plant Motifs
Esther Fainting Before Ahasuerus
Ewer and Basin with Decorative Scenes
In Fontainebleau Forest
Lion Bracelet
Man Dressed in a Roman Toga
Oriental Bliss
Panelling and Ceiling
Pasha and Bedouin
Pavement and Octagonal Fountain
Pentateuch and its Binding
Plank Idol with Two Heads
Platter with Drinkers and Musicians
The Bohemian
Vase with Double-Headed Axe
Virgin and Child
Woman Dressed in a Woollen Garment
The Boulevards of Paris
Architectural Frieze Carved with Quranic Verses
Blue and White Dish with a Lotus Bouquet
Dish Decorated With a European Ship
Panel with Lotus Flowers and Leaves in the Saz Style
The Salon–Dining Room of Lord Rothermere
Axe Blade
Military Helmet
Vase: Animals and Armed Horsemen
Sphinx, Mythological Creature
Buddha Head
Joseph of Arimathea
Theseus Finding His Father’s Sword
Portrait of William and Penelope Welby Playing Chess
Asuka Hill in the Eastern Capital, from the series Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji
Augustus, the First Roman Emperor
Latin Bible in Two Volumes
Mirror Case: Hunting with a Falcon
Ewer Decorated with the Signs of the Zodiac
Chamfered Vase with Lajvardina Decoration
Equestrian Portrait of Philip V, King of Spain
The Good Samaritan
Chirisei Kyubiki
Female Figurine Wearing a Necklace
Candleholder in the Form of a Kneeling Figure
Page of the Blue Quran
The Walking Man, On a Column
Sarcophagus Lid in Egyptian Style
Sarcophagus Lid in Greek Style
Funeral set of princess Henuttawy: Cartonnage and Inner Sarcophagus
Young Emir Studying
Funerary Portrait of a Man with a Cup
Blade in the Shape of a Laurel Leaf
Smoothed and Retouched Knife Blade
Image of a Queen or a goddess
Romanesque Capital
Page from a Polier Album: Entertainments in a Harem
Buddha Head
Astronomical Treatise Restating the Ancient Theories of Ptolemy
Turban Helmet
Mail and Plate Armour, Called “Four Mirrors” Armour
Commode Decorated with Red Lacquer from China
Commemorative Head of an Oba
Vase with Fish Decoration
Illustrated Page of Siyar-i Nabi (Accounts of the Life of the Prophet)
Bactrian Horse
Medallion Carpet
Pair of Folding Screens with Maps of Japan and the World
Food for Thought - Al Muallaqat
Stele in the Name of Totankhamun
Winged Dragon
Sutra of the Perfection of Wisdom in Eight Thousand Verses
Monumental Lion
Bowl with Metallic Lustre Decoration
Seated Avalokiteshvara (Guanyin)
Ewer with a Phoenix Head
Albarello with Coat of Arms Decoration
Ottoman Armor of a Rider and a Horse
Dagger With a Parrot-Shaped Pommel
Mamluk Carpet with Three Medallions
Hunting Scene Illustrating the Month of September
Head of a Ptolemaic Queen: Cleopatra VII (?)
Uli Statue, Ancestor Figure
Head of a Young Man with Clasped Hands, Study of the Figure of the Christ
Table Top known as "Tavolino di Gioie"
Portrait of an African Woman
Leaves of Light - Tree (Germination series)
Propagation (Germination series)
Earth of the World (Germination series)
For the Louvre Abu Dhabi 01
For the Louvre Abu Dhabi 02
For the Louvre Abu Dhabi 03
Model Funerary Boat and Crew
Decadrachm with an Image of the Nymph Arethusa
Coin of Severus Alexander, Roman Emperor
Jar with Cord-patterned Decoration
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