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Art from Home: Stories of Cultural Connections

Louvre Abu Dhabi brings the museum to you by telling stories about the art works on loans from our partners and from our collection through video, audio and activities that can be downloaded for children.

Tôto Asukayama, from the series 36 Views of Mount Fuji Utagawa Hiroshige Japan 1858 Ink and colour on paper Louvre Abu Dhabi

Children Wrestling Paul Gauguin France, Pont-Aven 1888 Oil on canvas Louvre Abu Dhabi

Gauguin and Hiroshige

We have Japanese prints on the one hand and a painting by Paul Gauguin on the other, yet these works share certain affinities: their areas of flat colour, the absence of any interplay of shadow and light, and their frontal presentation. Japanese prints were very popular with European artists in the second half of the 19th century. Paul Gauguin drew on their conventions to cultivate his vision, which ran counter to the modernist conceptions of a Europe in full industrial expansion.
LAD 2010.001|93 x 73 cm , LAD 2013.017|23 x 34.6 cm

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