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Make and Play

Explore Louvre Abu Dhabi art works at home!

Make and Play are short, fun videos for all the family to make art inspired by the collection using simple materials.

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Make an Action Painting | Art Activity

Make an Action Painting

Make an Action Painting Instructions

Title: Make an Action Painting 

Overview: A painting activity that promotes well-being and joy through movement.

Themes: Health and well-being   

Artwork Photography Caption: © Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi/ Photo by APF © 1960 Kazuo Shiraga

Age Range: 5 and above

Activity Timing: 30 minutes 

Materials: Large piece of paper, assorted coloured paints, water container, protective plastic cover for floor, tissues or wet wipes

Thinking Questions:

• What do you see? 

• How does the painting make you feel? 

• How do you think the artist made the painting?


1- Place the protective plastic on the floor. Place the paper on top of the cover and attach with tape, so it does not move

2- Select your paints and drizzle small amounts over the paper

3- Walk over the paper. Observe what happens to the paint

4- Start to move the paint around the paper with your feet. Be careful, it can be slippery!

5- Continue to make different movements inspired by the artwork 

Step back, you have made an action painting!

• How did the paint feel on your feet?

• What colors did you use for the painting? Why?

• What type of movements did you make with your feet during the painting process?

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