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Biography of Hassan Ali Al Najjar

Poet Hassan Ali Al Najjar, from Khor Fakkan, published three collections of poetry (Little Anxiety on His Pillow, 2017; Doves of Spirit, 2011; Mirror Nostalgia, 2007), won the Golden Feather in the 3rd Arab Student Poet Forum in 2020 in Tunisia. He also participated in the 3rd Prince of Poets Competition in 2009 as well as a variety of Poetry evenings and events inside and outside of the UAE. His book “Place in Poetry, Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim as Model,” was issued by the Department of Culture and Information in Sharjah, which was his master’s thesis. Hassan is a PhD student in Arabic Language and Literature at the University of Sharjah.

"The poem: Love is what prevents tongues from speaking" By: Abū al-Ṭayyib Al-Mutanabbī

Love is what prevents tongues from speaking,
it is better for lover to announce what is burning inside his chest

I wish the beloved who -without guilt- abandoned me, as sleeping abandoned my eyelids, would visit me as my sickness did

We parted, you could not describe our face, you would not know what colors we have due to pain

Our breaths were so blazing that I pitied the righteous burning between us

I redeem myself for this beloved woman who has bid farewell, whenever I looked at her once, I exhaled twice

I denied the misfortunes of the eternity once, then I admitted it, until it became a habit for me

I traveled through the world and far lands until my camels were tired, and my days and nights were ruined

I stopped that travelling when the generosity of Badr ibn Ammar prevented me from going on, and their, I reached everything I had ever wished for

No bowl can accommodate the majesty of Abi Al-Hussein's generosity, even if the bowl has been as wide as time

He ignored mentioning his bravery because it was well known, and Talking about it made even the coward brave

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