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Pavement and Octagonal Fountain

Biography of Shaikha Almutairi

Shaikha Al Mutairi is a UAE poet who was born in Dubai in 1980. She holds bachelor’s degree in Arabic Language and master’s degree in Libraries and Information.

She is the Head of National Culture Department and Public Relation and Media Department at Juma Al Majid Centre for Culture and Heritage, as well as a radio host on Sharjah Radio. In addition, she is Head of Emirates Writers Union’s Publishing Committee, and Head of Union’s Dubai branch, as well as member in several literary and cultural bodies.

Shaikha ranked second in 8th Prince of Poets Competition.

"Gold inlay on a Damask sword " By: Nizar Qabbani

I wonder, does Maisoon love me, or she imagined that? are not women so skeptical?

Oh... cousin, my passion for Umayyad, how could I hide passion, and how could I reveal?

Here it is, Sham, after parting that lasted forever, seven rivers and Houris

Fountains in homes are words and bunches of grapes, such as ground sugar

The blue sky is a poetry book on which the letters are Swallow

Was Damascus created, as they say, when an idea came to the mind of Jasmine one night?

Oh sham, how do I explain what I feel, as I am always haunted by you

O Damascus, where I have reincarnated... Am I a cypress or am I prickly ceder?

Am I the Arabian jasmine in my mother's jugs, am I the grass and the rainy clouds?

O Damascus, whose scent spread under my skin, as if it was a linden

God destined to be you Damascus where creation begins and ends

Teach us the doctrine of Arabism, O Sham, You are the clarity and clarification

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