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Peace be upon her

Written by: Amal Ismail
RECITED BY: Amal Ismail
INSPIRED BY: Ear Dagger Decorated with Calligraphy and Floral Designs

Biography of Amal Ismail

A Palestinian poet, writer and translator who lives in the UAE, Amal writes for several Arabic cultural periodicals. She was editor in chief for Cultural Sides magazine, and is an editor and cultural supervisor for diverse literature social platforms. She’s also one of the founders of the Ras Al Khaimah Reads initiative. Amal has published books on literature and management.

Peace be upon her
By: Amal Ismail

Come​ ​to Andalusia
Peace be upon her
Oh​ ​yamal..
The firefly levitates
around the heart​
Oh​ ​yamal

Come to Andalusia
Here on the walls of the soul
engrave the scent of jasmine
mark the brow
in red
Oh​ ​yamal

My soil has two wings of light,
a blue
over which the tales are passing
a necklace of knotted pearls
on the chest,
and strings of silk
and incense
Oh​ ​yamal

In the chest, I conceal a dagger
stabs the memory,
the memory oozes out with milk
to irrigates the olives of Granada
then sings
Oh​ ​yamal
a thousand questions ... and a question ...

From the desert,
I carry in my palm the palm of poets,
I plant it,
then history sprout
from the womb of hopes
Oh​ ​yamal

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