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Written by: Capitaine Alexandre
RECITED BY: Capitaine Alexandre
INSPIRED BY: Pitcher with Poetic Inscriptions

Biography Marc Alexandre Oho Bambe known as Capitaine Alexandre

The poet slammer, Marc Alexandre Oho Bambe, otherwise known as Capitaine Alexandre, sows notes and words, resistance and peace, memory and hope.

Writing to the tempo of the heart, he inscribes his lines and paces in the essential footsteps of the thinkers and professors of hope who have gone before him. His poetry sings of what is possible, the gift of self, love and revolt, the quest for the human, "and nothing but the human", and the radical refusal to live "with his arms crossed in the sterile, passive manner of the spectator".

Founding member of the Collectif On A Slamé Sur La Lune, Capitaine Alexandre is also a columnist (Africultures, Mediapart, Le Nouveau Magazine Littéraire) and a speaker in schools and universities. He aims to elicit within the young respect and good sense, the essence of a life of curiosity and openness to the Other, an existence free of dogma and extremism.

Marc Alexandre Oho Bambe was made Chevallier de l’Ordre National du Mérite by Presidential Decree on 2 May 2017

By: Capitaine Alexandre

Ewer with reflections of old metal
Hiding from the cities of Iran, Persian oasis
Divine garden, diwan of the world
Epigraphy of the soul
Ceramics, art of man
Epiphany of the infinite, infinitely immense
Engraved in the marble of time
Starring in my wandering poet eyes
Beauty is a flower that needs no season to bloom

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