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Are you ready for Summer Challenge Week Two?
This week, we are inspired by how artists express themselves through art.  
How do we express our feelings without words?

Painting is an art form that allows artists to express their inner feelings, thoughts and experiences, with realistic or symbolic images.  

Numerous artists in the 20th century such as Jackson Pollock, Yves Klein and Kazuo Shiraga, developed inventive ways to use painting to express their feelings without words.

- How do you express how you feel?
- Are you able to identify and speak about your feelings?
- What did you do recently to feel good?

Every Tuesday participate in our 90 minute interactive workshop session linked the theme of the week.
- Children (6-12) at 11:00 
- Teenagers (13-16) at 14:00 with MAS Art Studio 


TEENSCHILDREN or call 600 56 55 66




Let’s look at artworks in our collection that focus on gesture and emotion

Chirisei Kyubiki
The Antillean Parade by Wifredo Lam
Untitled I-IX by CY Twombly

  • Draw something that expresses how you feel today
  • Grab a pen or pencil and fill up a blank page with marks without thinking about what you want to draw
  • Make a drawing while listening to your favourite song 

Art Challenge #2

Create an artwork to express your feelings!

Watch our #MakeandPlay videos for inspiration!
Submit your creative work every Thursday before 3pm


Chirisei Kyubiki by Kazuo Shiraga 
Action and energy are important elements of Kazuo Shiraga’s work. Shiraga made this painting with his feet on a canvas laid on the ground. Marks on the canvas reveal the artist’s spirit and energy. Can you move your body to match the movements in the painting? 

The Antillean Parade by Wifredo Lam
Lam is an artist of mixed Chinese, Spanish and African heritage. His work is influenced by Surrealism, Cubism and cultural inspirations from Haitian voodoo figures to African masks. The artist wanted the painting to disturb the people who took advantage of his culture. Use three words to describe how the artwork makes you feel.

Untitled I-IX by CY Twombly
CY Twombly worked beside the sea at his Gaeta home in Italy. However, Salalah in Oman inspired these canvases. CY Twombly never visited Salalah he only imagined it. He used abstract cursive calligraphy known as “pseudo-writing.”  How does the painting make you feel? 


Summer Art Challenge #2
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