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Are you ready for Summer Challenge Week 7?
This week, artworks that focus on colour and pattern inspire our art activities and art challenge.

How do we communicate with colours and patterns?

Colour is one of the most important elements in art. Pattern, repeated design, is another. You can create patterns using combinations of colour, shapes or a mixture of both.

Artists and designers often utilize colour and pattern to communicate information and evoke different feelings. Both of these elements can influence our emotions and behaviours.

Almost all artists use colour and patterns in their artworks to communicate emotions or ideas to share their message with the viewers. 

- What is your favourite colour? How does it make you feel?
What colours or patterns do you see around you? 
Do you link a colour or pattern to a memory or a place?


Every Tuesday participate in our 90 minute interactive workshop session linked the theme of the week.
- Children (6-12) at 11:00 
- Teenagers (13-16) at 14:00 with MAS Art Studio 


TEENS CHILDREN or call 600 56 55 66




Let’s look at artworks in our permanent collection connected to colours and patterns.

Medallion Carpet
Page of the “Blue Quran”
Anthropometry by Yves Klein


1. Draw a pattern you see in a textile from your home.
2. Design your own repeating pattern to express an emotion.
3. Draw a self-portrait using one colour only.

Art Challenge #7

Create an artwork using colour to communicate your ideas or feelings!

Watch our #MakeandPlay videos for inspiration!

Submit your creative work every Thursday before 3pm


Medallion Carpet
This carpet comes from Ushak, a city in Turkey. It shows star shaped medallions, yellow peonies and plant motifs that contrast against a midnight blue background. Rulers in the past greatly prized carpets such as these. How many different colours can you see?

Page of the “Blue Quran” 
This page is from a copy of a Quran written on a material called Vellum. A type of paper made from the skin of a calf, dyed in a shade of Indigo blue with writing inscribed in gold. The deep blue colour represents the universe and the golden letters represent the divine light spread by the word of God. What primary colours do you mix to get Indigo? 

Anthropometry by Yves Klein 
Yves Klein and his wife, Rotraut, made a canvas painting using their bodies and their own unique colour. Yves Klein developed and patented the shade of ultramarine blue and called it International Klein Blue (IKB). What colour would you make and name after yourself?


Summer Art Challenge #7
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