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Are you ready for Summer Challenge Week 8?
This week artworks that highlight human connections inspire our art activities and art challenge.

What unites us with each other?

Human beings are often described as social creatures. We enjoy the company of family and friends as they support us and help us to thrive.
It is human nature to seek companionship. By forming relationships with each other, we are able to share ideas, identify and solve problems, support one another and improve our lifestyles. 
With the development of internet, we are able to form connections with people and support each other in challenging times regardless of the distance.

- What brought you closer to your loved ones during quarantine?
- Have you received or provided support for someone recently?
- What similarities do you think you share with people outside the UAE? 


Every Tuesday participate in our 90 minute interactive workshop session linked the theme of the week.
- Children (6-12) at 11:00 
- Teenagers (13-16) at 14:00 with MAS Art Studio 


TEENS CHILDREN or call 600 56 55 66




Let’s look at artworks in our permanent collection linked to human connections.

Plank idol with two heads
Octagonal Box
Food for Thought– Al Muallaqat by Maha Malluh


1. Sketch your own version of the Two-headed statuette.
2. Draw an item that has an elegant pattern.
3. Draw your favourite traditional dish.

Art Challenge #8

Make a special artwork for a family member or a friend

Watch our #MakeandPlay videos for inspiration!

Submit your creative work every Thursday before 3pm


Plank idol with two heads
From the front, this statuette cut out of a sheet of clay appears to show a single body with two heads. However, from the back, the design suggests there are two separate figures. What do you think the geometric patterns and markings on the statuette represent?

Octagonal Box
This octagonal box is an example of the gifts that were officially exchanged between the empires of Japan and China during the rule of the Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE). Chinese handicrafts of the period were characterised by elegant decorative patterns throughout the region. Why do you think it is important to exchange gifts between nations?

Food for Thought– Al Muallaqat by Maha Malluh
This installation is a composition of blackened aluminium pots used by women to cook traditional goat stew. These pots represent the history of their usage and the stories that were shared and passed down during meals. What every day ritual or practice brings people around you together?


Summer Art Challenge #8
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