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Caravans and the Silk Road

Octagonal Box
Jug with Poetic Inscriptions
Funerary Mask
Bowl Decorated with Seated Figures
De Consolatione Philosophiae
Rooster-headed Ewer
Chaldean History, Chronicle of the Kings of Babylon
Dish Decorated With a European Ship
The Romance of Troy
Dish Decorated with Plant Motifs
Medallion Carpet
Chamfered Vase with Lajvardina Decoration
Account of a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 1480
Basin Inscribed with the Name of Ahmad ibn al-Jundi (?)
Bowl Decorated with Birds Enclosing the Inscription "Blessing"
Lusterware Bowl Decorated with Birds
Platter with Drinkers and Musicians
Diptych with Scenes from the Life of Christ
Bactrian Horse
Ewer with a Phoenix Head
Mamluk Carpet with Three Medallions
Jar Decorated with Hunting Scenes
Ewer Decorated with the Signs of the Zodiac
Book of Hours (Use of Sarum)
Seated Avalokiteshvara (Guanyin)
Bowl with confronted horsemen
Bowl with inscription in kufic style
Dish with horsemen (seven-colour decoration, called haft rang)
Roman de la Rose (Romance of the Rose)
Saphea, an astronomical instrument
Treatise on calendars, a study of astrological calculations
Voyage Around the World, travelogue (in German)
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