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First Great Powers

Female Praying Figure
Male Praying Figure
The goddess Isis Nursing her Son Horus
Pyramidion Inscribed with the Name of Huy
Model Funerary Boat and Crew
Coin of Severus Alexander, Roman Emperor
Vase with Double-Headed Axe
Axe Blade
Funeral set of princess Henuttawy: Cartonnage and Inner Sarcophagus
Vase: Animals and Armed Horsemen
Decadrachm with an Image of the Nymph Arethusa
Stele in the Name of Totankhamun
Lion Bracelet
Funerary Servant for Pharaoh Seti I
Garment Hook
Osiris, god of the Underworld
Mummy Bandage: Extract from the Book of the Dead
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