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Universal Religions

Christ Showings His Wounds
Gospel in Old Church Slavonic
Virgin and Child
Reliquary Casket with the Three Magi
Latin Bible in Two Volumes
Book of Hours known as “The Hours of Marie”
Buddha Head
Romanesque Capital
Architectural Frieze Carved with Quranic Verses
Pentateuch and its Binding
Dancing Shiva
Juz’ Amma, 30th section of the Holy Quran
Page of the Blue Quran
Stupa Revetment Plaque
Sutra of the Perfection of Wisdom in Eight Thousand Verses
The Sutra of Perfect Enlightenment
Virgin and Child
Double Page of the Quran
Page of a Quran in Kufic Script
Maitreya, Buddha of the Future
Palimpsest Quran Leaf in Hijazi Script
Book Cover Showing Christ in Majesty
Qur’an Commissioned by Sultan 'Abdullah II Al Sa'adi
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