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Written by: Amal Sahlawi
RECITED BY: Amal Sahlawi
INSPIRED BY: Saphea, an astronomical instrument

Biography of Amal Alsahlawi

Amal Al Sahlawi is an Emirati poet from Sharjah, having studied Arabic Literature at Sharjah University. She writes modern and classical Arabic poetry, often addressing modern female and philosophical issues.
Amal has taken part in and contributed poems to many cultural events including at NYAD and UAE University, the House of Poetry in Sharjah and the Emirates Writers Union.
She’s had her work and articles published in several newspapers and magazines, and is also an active member of the social platform Chapters Without a Title, supporting female writers.
Amal recently published her first poetry book, ‘I Should’ve Postponed You’.

By: Amal Alsahlawi

Step on the verge of life and grow up
keep looking back ... sailing
The sails of the haze pour out like a sheet
throws you down the streets of a dazzling yesterday
How long I have been without a clear path,
and the harvest of boyhood questions does not bloom
You leave ... and in the eyes lies a black kitten laughing ... occupies the sclera and scoffing
The words echo is a silent chant,
You are the one whose prayer silence is intoxicating
Do not fear the drought of wishes ... and its poison
Clap and your old genie will reveal
Let them claim that they sense the whole Tariqa
Let them claim that the Murid will be defeated
let them swear by all the idols of sorrow,
till you believe that your path is lifeless
People all flock to crumbs, terrified of modernity,
trying to cross through

Live all the days of the question ... and be their
best companion ... if they invite you to stay up late
Hear the curiosity of the soul, if it knocks in vain
on the doors of a marginal person, then he will attend
laugh ... a lot, and When visions are jumbled,
turn around yourself, dancing as a scattering dancer
You will undoubtedly keep growing ... Be careful
not to forget the moral of riddles ... or you will be trophied.

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