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Are you ready for Summer Challenge Week 6?
This week, artworks that represent travel and discovery inspire our art activities and art challenge.

Why do people travel?

Travel offers people the chance to visit different countries and encounter different cultures and ways of living. 

How people travel has changed tremendously in the last few centuries. The invention of steamships and aircrafts enabled people to cross-continents with relative ease and in less time.

This year, travel is not an easy option for many people due to the pandemic. However, we can still experience the wonder and curiosity of travelling to different places by using modern technology to explore them online and through social media. 

- What do you like to do when you travel?
- What do you learn when you travel to a new place?
- Have you ever visited a place that changed your point of view?


Every Tuesday participate in our 90 minute interactive workshop session linked the theme of the week.
- Children (6-12) at 11:00 
- Teenagers (13-16) at 14:00 with MAS Art Studio 


TEENS CHILDREN or call 600 56 55 66




Let’s look at artworks in our permanent collection connected to travel and discovery.

Map of the world
Pilgrim on the bridge of Mama by Haukin Ekaku
Oriental bliss by Paul Klee


1. Make a map of your neighbourhood from memory.
2. Draw the view from your window.
3. Draw a place that you have heard of, but never visited.
4. Imagine and draw your perfect holiday destination.

Art Challenge #6

Make an artwork to show where you would like to travel to next!

Watch our #MakeandPlay videos for inspiration!

Submit your creative work every Thursday before 3pm


Map of the world

This map is from a manuscript written by geographers from the Islamic civilization. It shows the locations of cities, islands and bodies of water. The large blue border represents the great ocean thought to encircle the world. Six similarly sized circles represent islands. One circle in the centre is Bahrain, known by its historic name Awal. Can you guess which region of the world this map represents?   


Pilgrim on the bridge of Mama by Haukin Ekaku

In this painting, we see a pilgrim setting off on a walk along a pine-covered cliff to cross the river using the Mama Bridge. This journey symbolises the search for a deeper understanding of life and existence. How can a journey help to expand your knowledge about yourself?

Oriental bliss by Paul Klee

While unwell and in exile in Switzerland, Paul Klee recalled the memory of his trip to Tunisia where he experienced a “revelation of colour.” The grid of squares recalls a carpet or mosaic or a medina quarter. The artist also included pictographic elements and symbols. What shapes and objects do you recognise?  


Summer Art Challenge #6
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