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Impressionism film screenings

Experience the power of light through landscape and art, with a special screening of two exceptional films within the Impressionism era, under Louvre Abu Dhabi’s dome. Impressionism: Pathways to modernity, transforming the enjoyment of film, into a truly artful one.

This experience promotes the essence of the Impressionist movement by projecting it in a venue that brings the essence of light to life. Water Lilies by Monet will take you on a journey of the artist’s devotion to his most colossal undertaking, while unearthing the backstories that took place during his work. Moreover, a set of inspiring shorts will be played on loop, by the Lumiere brothers, dated from 1895-1897.

Book your tickets and join us for a unique experience of impressionist period.

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Dates: 20.01.2023
Location: Under the dome
Price: Free Ticket
Times: 19.00 to 20.00- Lumiere Brothers productions (on loop)
20.00 to 21.20 - Water Lilies by Monet

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