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New Year’s Eve – Louvre Abu Dhabi – David Guetta – Online Broadcast

David Guetta’s Pre-recorded Performance at Louvre Abu Dhabi to be Broadcasted Online on New Year’s Eve (1 January, 2022 at midnight GST)

Watch the online broadcast on David Guetta’s Social Accounts

Celebrate the start of 2022 with world-renowned DJ and producer David Guetta, with a spectacular pre-recorded show at Louvre Abu Dhabi.

From Musée du Louvre Paris in 2021 to Louvre Abu Dhabi in 2022, the DJ hopes to unite fans from across the globe, in a unique artistic statement, echoing Louvre Abu Dhabi’s universal message about the power of art and culture to bring us together.

In an unmissable pre-recorded show, fans will enjoy a one-hour performance on a floating stage against the backdrop of the museum’s iconic dome surrounded by the sea. Accompanied by a spectacular production of light and flames, the world-class performance showcases masterpieces from Louvre Abu Dhabi’s collection, including:

• Georges de la Tour’s Girl Blowing on a Brazier (c. 1646 – 1648 CE)
Astrolabe Quadrant (ca. 1291 – 1310)
Mirror with Taoist Divinities (201 – 400 CE)
Under the Wave off Kanagawa, also known as The Great Wave, from the series of Thirty-six Views of Mountain Fuji (1831) by Katsushika Hokusai
• Piet Mondrian’s Composition with Blue, Red, Yellow and Black (1922)
Feline-shaped Incense Burner (Eastern Iran or Central Asia, 1000 – 1100)
Sphinx, Mythological Creature from Greece or Italy (600 – 500 BCE)
Table Top Known as “Tavolino di Gioie (ca. 1568 – 1577) by Bernardino di Porfirio da Leccio (sculptor), designed by Giorgio Vasari
Craved Panel from the Umayyad Period (10th century)
• August Rodin’s The Walking Man, On a Column (1900)
• Statue of a Winged Dragon from Northern China (450 – 250 BCE)

Guetta, who was crowned the world’s number one DJ in November 2020, is the first artist to perform at both the Musée du Louvre and Louvre Abu Dhabi. The entire show will be available online on David Guetta’s social channels on New Year’s Eve at midnight (GST).

Note: The show was pre-recorded and there will be no live performance at the museum on New Year’s Eve.

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