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Explore Louvre Abu Dhabi art works at home!

Make and Play are short, fun videos for all the family to make art inspired by the collection using simple materials.

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Make a Landscape painting | Art Activity

Make a Landscape painting

About the Artwork

In this painting, the artist uses fine brushstrokes to build up rocks, pines and birches. If you look closely, you can see a small figure on the left, which gives an indication of scale and provides depth. However, the painter focuses primarily on interpreting the natural world.
The volume and character of the composition, the interaction of the light and comparison of colours, attests Corot’s very modern approach.

Make a Landscape painting Instructions

Title: Make a Landscape painting

Overview: Create a landscape painting outside

Themes: Outdoor (Plein Air) Painting

Camille Corot
In Fontainebleau Forest, France, 1845 -1850.
© Department of Culture and Tourism-Abu Dhabi/ Photo by APF

Age Range:6-12 years old

Activity Timing:25 minutes

Materials: Easel or board, paper, acrylic paint, paint brush, cup for water, soft pastels and masking tape

Thinking Questions:

  • Where do you think the artist created this painting? Outdoors or in their studio?
  • Look carefully at the artwork – what do you see?
  • How has the artist created depth in the painting? Notice the placement of the objects in the painting.


1. Set up your easel or board in front of your subject
2. Tape your paper onto the board
3. Look carefully at the view
4. Notice how the objects closer to you seem bigger than those that are farther away.
5. Sketch out the scene in front of you using soft pastels
6. Draw what is closer to you first, then what is farther away
7. Take notice of the colours and the shadows in the scene in front of you
8. Use both the soft pastels and the acrylic paint to add bold and detailed lines to amplify your artwork

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