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Explore Louvre Abu Dhabi art works at home!

Make and Play are short, fun videos for all the family to make art inspired by the collection using simple materials.

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Make a pattern | Art Activity

Make a pattern

About the Artwork

The interwoven plant decoration on this beautiful panel is typical of the Saz style developed around 1530 in the Ottoman imperial workshops. Made up of a central lotus flower in cross-section, it features long serrated leaves and blossoming branches.

Make a pattern Instructions

Title: Make a pattern

Overview: Create a patterns using nature

Themes: Patterns

Panel with Lotus flowers and leaves in the Saz style
Iznik, Turkey
1572 - 1580
38 x 61 cm
Siliceous ceramic, underglaze painting over a slip coating
Louvre Abu Dhabi
©Department of Culture and Tourism-Abu Dhabi/ Photo by APF

Age Range:6-12 years old

Activity Timing:45 minutes

Materials: acrylic paint (or food colouring) , water, plants and paper

Thinking Questions:

  • What is the first thing you notice about this artwork?
  • What plants do you think are depicted in this artwork?
  • Do you notice a repeated pattern? If so where?


1. Notice the repetitive pattern on the tile panels.
2. Take a piece of A3 paper. Fold it in half and fold it again
3. Open up the paper and cut along the fold.
4. Take one-half and cut along the edge to make two pieces.
5. Take one. Fold the paper in half, fold into quarters and fold it again.
6. Cut a pattern into the paper.
7. Open up to reveal your stencil design.
8. Take another piece of A3 paper and place the stencil onto the paper
9. Use a paintbrush and paint to stencil the pattern onto the paper.
10. Repeat until the A3 paper is covered with your unique pattern.
11. Add extra colour and details to your design to complete your Iznik panel.

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