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Explore Louvre Abu Dhabi art works at home!

Make and Play are short, fun videos for all the family to make art inspired by the collection using simple materials.

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Make a Sun Print | Art Activity

Make a Sun Print

About the Artwork

The waxed paper process developed in 1850 by Gustave le Gray (1820−1884) gave the photographer greater freedom as there was less preparation required and was far more practical for travelling photographers. Le Gray’s work led to the emergence of the photographic landscape as an artistic genre in its own right and quickly began to challenge landscape painting.

Make a Sun Print Instructions

Title: Make a Sun Print

Overview: Create a Sun Print image using plants and natural materials

Themes: Photography

Road past a Boulder, Forest of Fontainebleu
Gustave le Gray
France, 1852
© Department of Culture and Tourism-Abu Dhabi/ Photo by APF

Age Range:6-12 years old

Activity Timing:45 minutes

Materials: Sun print paper (Cyanotype), acrylic sheet, paper, plants, sand, tray and water

Thinking Questions:

  • What do you see? Is it a painting or something else?
  • What materials do you think were used to create this artwork?
  • How long do you think it took the artist to create this image?


1) Arrange your plants and natural materials into a composition on a piece of paper
2) Move outside with your composition.
3) Take out the sun print paper.
4) Place the sun print paper on a flat surface
5) Re-arrange your composition onto the sun print paper and place in direct sunlight
6) Place an acrylic sheet on top of your objects to make sure they do not fly away!
7) Wait 5 to 10 minutes
8) Once the paper turns light blue, take the paper back inside and remove the objects
9) Pour water into the tray
10) Place the sun print paper into the tray.
11) Make sure the paper is submerged in the water for one minute
12) Remove the sun print paper from the water and leave to dry
13) Step back and admire your sun print photograph!

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