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Towards a Modern World

Capturing Wild Elephants
The Tama River at Kinuta
Kneeling Princess
Fusuma, (Partition Wall) Decorated with Cranes in a Landscape
Album of Kabuki Theatre Actors in their Roles Artists
Bodhidharma (Monk and Founder of Zen Buddhism)
Pair of Candelabras
Elephant Attached to a Tree Stump
Courtesans from the Chojiya and Ogiya Tea
Representation of Bodhidharma
Pilgrim on the Bridge of Mama
Young Mother Playing the Shamisen
The Courtesans Midogiri, Kikuno and Tatsuta from the Wakamatsuya Tea House
Portrait of George Washington
Portrait of William and Penelope Welby Playing Chess
Zen Staff
Brahman Praising Prithu
Monkeys and Reflection of the Moon
Vases in Chinese Style, called “vases Japon”
Women Playing
Illustration of a Rasikapriya: Radha Confides in her Friend
Page from a Polier Album: Entertainments in a Harem
Nobleman Smoking in a Garden
A Princess and Her Attendants Speaking to a Holy Man
Courtesan Holding a Flask and Cup
Emperor Muhammad Shah Amusing Himself on a Terrace
Woman Walking in the Snow
Courtesan Dreaming a Lucky New Year Dream
Satyr Tragopan or Crimron Horned Pheasant
Radha and Krishna (?) in a Garden
St Peter of Verona, Christian Martyr
Jacob’s Journey
Radha’s Toilette
A Princess Trying on Jewellery
Six Villagers in a Landscape
Hookah Bearer
Theseus Finding His Father’s Sword
Four British Officers Seated in Conversation
Fight Between Creugas and Damoxenos
Don Pedro of Toledo Kissing the Sword of Henri IV
Two Bombay Grenadiers
Christ Driving the Merchants from the Temple
Thakur Daulat Singh Rathor in Durbar
Esther Fainting Before Ahasuerus
The Head of Vrisaketu Flies into Arjuna's Hand
A Man of Rank Being Carried in a Palanquin
The "Flowery Man" and Other Ascetics
The Surdhaj Ascetics, Know as Mr. Flowery Man, and Ram Dani
A Prince (Wajid Ali Shah?) and His Mistress
Meghavarna Runs Away with the Horse Syamakarna
Family Scene
A Barber Shaving a European in a Field
Old Woman Spinning
A British Political Officer
A Couple of Malabar Muslims (Mappilas)
Punnun is Taken Away From his Wedding Night by his Brother
King Ghazi Al-Din Haidar of Awadh with British Guests
Head of a Young Man with Clasped Hands, Study of the Figure of the Christ
Couple From Malabar Making Rope
Girl With a Cat
A Cat
Courtesan With a Hookah
A Family of Acrobats
The Good Samaritan
Study of Three British Officers, One on Horseback
The Tiger Attacks the Cattle of Ayodhya
The Sun Overcomes Hariscandra's Son
Incidences in Village Life
A Punjab Regiment Officer with his Hound
Maharao Sheodan Singh of Alwar in Durbar with the British Officer Eugene Impey (1830-1894)
Looking out From Inside the Tent
Sir Hugh Rose
Design for a Fantastic Tonjon
Illustration of a Ragamala: Sindhu Ragini
A Prince Being Entertained on a Garden Terrace
Darners at Work
A Durbar of Maharaja Krishnaraja Wodeyar III of Mysore with Lewin Bentham Bowring
The Maharaja Jam Vibhaji Watching Traditional Dancing
The Maharaja Dungar Singh and the Maharao Sahib Pragmulji
A Girl with Flowers
Antelope in a Landscape
Bringing Home the Harvest
The Painting Lesson
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