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Cows and Herdsman
Jacob’s Dream
Maharajah Surat Singh of Bikaner
Altar Sculpture of a Rooster
Page from a Harivamsa Series: Krishna and His Courtiers by the Sea at Pandaraka
A Prince Being Entertained by Female Musicians on a Ferris Wheel
Ewer Basin Decorated with the Triumph of Ceres
Kunvar Ratan Singh Hunting
Tiles with Lambrequin and Bouquet Decoration
Ewer Basin with St Barbara in the Central Medallion
Portrait of Sir Thomas Wyatt the Younger
Aurangzeb on Horseback Spearing on Elephant
Thakur Gaj Sing on Horseback
Count Corfiz Anton Ulfeldt in an Ottoman Interior
Wool Sniper and Tethered Camel
Page of a Haft Peykar, Bahram Gur in the Green Pavilion
Mail and Plate Armour, Called “Four Mirrors” Armour
Tile with Volute Decoration on a Red Ground
Ewer and Basin with Decorative Scenes
Panelling and Ceiling
Portrait of Sayyid Abu al-Muzaffar
Still Life in a Pantry
Tile with Red Floral Palmette Decoration
Tiles with Lotus Flowers and Leaves in the Saz Style
Page of a Haft Peykar, Bahram Gur in the Turquoise Pavilion
Border Tile with Plum Tree in Blossom
Ceremonial Dagger
A page from Akhabr-i Barmakiyan: a Son Asks His Father for Forgiveness
Illustrated Page of Siyar-i Nabi (Accounts of the Life of the Prophet)
Panel with Lotus Flowers and Leaves in the Saz Style
Tile with Clouds Decor on Blue Ground
Page of a Shahnamah, Bahram Gur Fighting the Lions
Page from a Shahnamah, Giv in Conversation with Kay Kavus
Dagger With a Parrot-Shaped Pommel
Helmet of a Warrior
Frieze Tile with Central Rose
Two European Women With a Child
Illustration of a Ragamala: Pancam Ragini
Commemorative Head of an Oba
Ceremonial Armour
Equestrian Portrait of Philip V, King of Spain
Mounted Uzbek Prisoner
Royal Dagger Carved with Hindu Figures
Khanjar, Ceremonial Dagger with a Volute-shaped Hilt
Turban Helmet
A Fearsome Battle
Ragamala illustration: Hindola Raga
Prince with a Consort Watching the Moon
Krishna Surrounded by Gopis
Emperor Shah Jahan Giving a Sword to Rawat Hari Singh of Pratapgarh
Ottoman Armor of a Rider and a Horse
Ragini Saranga
A Prince Worshipping Krishna and Radha
Ragamala Illustration: Todi Ragini
Portrait of Rao Ratan Singh of Bundi
Ragamala Illustration: Todi Ragini
Dhola and Maru Escaping on a Camel
Kamsa Begs for Devaki and Vasudeva’s Forgiveness and Informs his Ministers of his Fate
Two Ladies Conversing on a Terrace
Krishna Tries to Calm the Anger of Radha
Two Ladies on a Terrace
Series of Barahmasa: the Month of Asadha
Woman Plotting While Stroking a Cat
Portrait of Maharaja Ajit Singh
“Circle of Love” of Krishna and Gopi
Krishna Hides the Gopis' Clothes
Spray of Flowers and Blossoms with Birds and Butterflies
Maharajah Abhai Singh of Jodhpur Listening to Music
Ragamala Illustration: Setmalar Ragini
Krishna and his Friends Celebrating Holi
An English Couple Out Hunting
Maharana Ari Singh II of Mewar on Horseback
Emperor Rawat Ragho Das Hunting Boar
A Young Maharaja of Jaipur, Perhaps Pratap Singh II
A Broker Verifying the Accounts of an Intendant
Death of the Demoness Putana
Princess Chand Bibi Reading on a Terrace
Krishna Begs for Radha’s Forgiveness
Maharajah Bhim Singh of Jodhpur in Durbar
Raja Ajit Singh of Chamba
A Royal Tiger Hunt
Kunwar Dip Singh of Pratapgarh in a Garden
Ceremonial Dagger
Ceremonial Dagger with a Voluteshaped Hilt
The Goddess Lakshmi
Raja Prithviral Chauhan (ca. 1169-1192) Hunting Nilgai
Rulers Gathered in a Pavilion
Portrait of Maharaja Man Singh of Jodhpur
Life in the Street Outside a Fortress
Krishna Unmasked
Maharao Kishor Singh of Kotah at the Swing Festival
Maharaja Man Singh of Jodhpur Playing Holi With His Wives
Srinathji (Form of Krishna)
Raja Hira Singh with his Persian Tutor
The Divinity Krishna and Gopis Playing Hide-and- Seek
Two Priests of the Vallabha Cult
Equestrian Portrait of Maharao Sheodan Singh of Alwar (1857-1874)
Ceremonial Dagger with Horse-head Hilt
Platter with the Wedding Banquet of Psyche
Emperor Aurangzeb in Public Audience
Ceremonial Armour
A Falconer
Imperial Ceremonial Sabre
“Katar”, Ceremonial Dagger
Krishna Kills the Demon Vatsasura
Raja Balwant Singh of Bhinai in a garden
Return from the Hunt
The Interior of a Chamber in a Tower
Tile with Rose Decoration on a White Ground
Tile with Volute and Rose Decoration
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