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Physiognomy, Land and Territory: An audio-visual experience

15 April – 15 May 2022 | 5:30pm – 6:30pm (Friday - Sunday), 5:30pm-9pm (exceptionally on 4 May for Lates) | Ottoman pavement area | Free with a museum admission ticket

Have you ever heard about Firasa?

From its Greek term ‘Physiognomy’, Firasa, which means discernment in Arabic, is an old science based on observations and intuitions to form an opinion. Unlike common sense, it requires a deep understanding of our surroundings to reach an accurate and insightful discernment.
People living in the Arabian Peninsula developed the ability to predict the weather, judge new encounters, or navigate desertic landscapes using only their insight to observe the elements and their ability to read the starry night skies.
An immersive video from the mind of Emirati artist Ahmad Saeed Al Areef Al Dhaheri, for everyone to embark on his visual journey towards Firasa.
Inspired by Bedouin beliefs, this enchanting audio-visual meditation explores multidisciplinary environments across multi continents that encompasses landscapes and the extra-terrestrial vastness of the night sky.

Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi / Seeing Things / Photo: John Gatapia

Watch Now

Physiognomy, Land and Territory: Online Talk

Watch the online talk from Ahmad Saeed Al Areef Al Dhaheri to get a glimpse of the experience as he introduces his work and invites you through his visual journey to Firasa.

Ahmad Saeed Al Areef Al Dhaheri is a regional artist who has exhibited worldwide. He completed his formal studies at the American University of Sharjah and Paris-Sorbonne University, Abu Dhabi. His artworks are recognised by the embedded historical symbols he uses, as well as the contemporary mediums that represent the significance of past cultures and heritages. He uses various techniques, including kaleidoscope effects to visually represent historical knowledge in digital art, video installation and photo manipulation.

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